You Have Another Kid! Abortion or Miscarriage? They Are Waiting for You in Heaven So Get Into Heaven

You Have Another Kid!  Abortion or Miscarriage? They Are Waiting for You in Heaven – How to Get Into Heaven to See Them


A letter to my sister… (but also for you, reader)

I was taking a break and heard this video. And I heard something that I felt you should know which is super interesting.

It’s a touchy topic but thought it could be encouraging:

If you had a miscarriage there is good news!  (sorry to bring it up but there is interesting news regarding that!)   Well if so he or she is waiting for you in Heaven.  Isn’t that cool?!  You may want to give her or him a name.  You can pray about it and ask God if the kid is a girl or boy.

I’ve heard this before on one of Kat’s videos (the pink hair lady who gets caught up to Heaven I think every day, like Paul did (once) in the Bible).

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This is not the best video on it

Here is a play list of over 100  Kat Kerr is very Biblically sound – I’m talking about the actual Bible and not someone’s made up denominational doctrine.

But bottom line:  Make sure you get into Heaven!  It’s not automatic at all as most of these religions and denominations say.  Salvation is through the scriptures, the Bible, not through someone’s opinion, interpretation or made up doctrines.  “What does the Bible say?”  It says a lot but it all comes together as you pursue getting to know God by reading the Bible over and over again.

Yes we are going to be held accountable for every verse of the New Testament. Once we learn the plain and right way, doing what Jesus said from the entire New Testament, THEN we can make progress going forward.

Here  is clarity on how to get into Heaven:

1. “Repent” which is to believe God and do what He says (the New Testament) instead of believing Satan/the ways of the world (which most people do automatically since they are raised in world and simply do what the crowd does.  But God commands us to overcome the world and follow, obey Him instead and His ways of goodness, life and love)  To get started Believe with your whole heart that Jesus died for your sins and was raised from the dead.  What are sins?  Here’s a list of 666 sins of the Bible (yes everyone has sinned according to the Bible it’s super easy to.)    Doing 1 sin blows it all. Only the blood of Jesus can cover the sin through 1. Believe and get the new man 2. then you can confess the sin, admit it (to God), admit it’s 100% wrong so you don’t do it again, therefore changing ones mind which equals repenting.

2. Obey Jesus’s commands.  Those are any verse in the New Testament stated in a command style or an implied commands style.  For salvation is making Jesus your Lord, your King, your Master, your God, your “Super Boss” from the commands of the New Testament and in real time, even moment by moment in the Spirit.  So in another way of looking at this:  we get God Almighty, our Maker, Who has infinite intelligence and power, being our “Coach” for eternal success at all times.  And by doing so we “walk with God” and develop a super close relationship to Him.  John 17:3 “Salvation is this, to know God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son.” (And the Greek word “know” is the same word used when Mary said she knows no man (so how could she become pregnant) – that said the knowing here is on the spiritual level.  Have you ever heard the term Bride of Christ? Yes.  We are to marry Jesus into the future but we get engaged now.

Salvation:  Believing gets you the new spirit man that is needed to be able to get into Heaven.  Obedience gets you in.  Obedience to Jesus making Him your Lord and King.  Because guess what?  Since Adam and Eve we were born into and under the Kingdom of Darkness.  So all are (besides children under the age of innocence  that I think is scientifically age 7) are under the ownership of Satan who gets to keep everyone who is not saved out of the Kingdom of Darkness in to the Kingdom of Heaven.   We are just joining a new Kingdom where Jesus is our King, Lord, Super Boss, God vs. Satan (automatic). Satan is one’s master unless Jesus redeems them through belief on Him. A master is a slave owner. Whomever owns a person at the end of our flesh bodies gets to keep you and comes for you.

Scientifically speaking, another way of looking at it: one must be a doer of holiness to belong to the Kingdom that is based on holiness.  If one is a doer of iniquity (negative realm emotions and their consequent actions then one goes to the home of iniquity when they cease in this flesh body which is the pit; you don’t want to go there; there is no getting out and it’s a brutal torturous dying over and over again for eternity.. No thanks!

You don’t need to join a religion or denomination.  Actually since we just entered this Kingdom Age where Kingdom rises against Kingdom (in the Bible) right before the Tribulation period (this period will last several hundred hears according to prophets), these religions and denomination’s doctrines are out, and the doctrine of Christ is in. The doctrine of Christ is Jesus commands where Jesus is Lord not a religion, denominational doctrine or some guy or other spirit.

So this of course is between you and God.  You came from God.  It’s time to return in your relationship with Him.  In fact this whole process get you engaged to God to marry God.

So what do you do?  Say a salvation prayer something this one and mean it.  Ask God for help.  Talk to Him directly.  In my opinion you are totally at a point that God has prepared you to be in to return to Him.

Remember.  Just start talking to God directly.  Yes it’s ok. You don’t need to pray to Mary and other statues.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you says the Bible.  I know.  It works.   Well do that prayer.  Then start asking God for help with everything else.  Yes and ask Him for a perfect husband for you.  Only He can find that for you for both you and I know that would be a miracle.

Ok so I just typed a lot.  But you don’t need to sign up for any church. You don’t need to tell me.  (You don’t need to tell me although I will know:)  If you feel like going to a church then ask God for a church or He’ll tell you where He wants you to go later.  (Actually the Lord said He was going to claim the Catholic church and fix it through several prophets although I don’t know how long that will take but that started in January 2018 with the Angel called “Reformer” sent out to deal with the Catholic and I think Presbyterian religions.

But going to church is not an issue right now or a concern.  What is a concern is you getting in to Heaven according to the Bible and I am speaking from my own very seasoned and tested experience, accumulation of knowledge and understanding of the Word of God plus in inner confirmation as well as signs in my life in addition to the inner knowing.  It’s a matter of totally believing on Jesus with your heart, “for real”.  It’s a matter of joining citizenship to the Kingdom of Heaven and obeying the rules, the laws of your new country, laws that are given by commands, decrees by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   It’s quite simple in that sense.  So mean the prayer then work with the Lord on the rest.  And get ready for an awesome life ahead now and forever.  Listen to Kat’s stuff!  It’s super encouraging and I can vouch for it.

Your Brother,

PS Get in!  And name that kid!

PPS. You may have done this already. I don’t know.  If you have share it with others!  Your son needs you guys to show Him God’s way. Your son can become powerful for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Help him out!  Maybeyour son knows a name and can ask God if his sibling is a boy or girl and for a name idea.


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