Salvation More Simple that We Make it Here is How

Salvation More Simple that We Make it Here is How…


Some commentary in reflection to the video below by Chuck:

  • A lot of people overtime have had a lot of ideas for trying to make it easy for people to understand how to go to Heaven.  And with so many different messages for that were simply slices of the whole pie, a lot of people are more confused than ever these days.
  • Then on top of it we have so many of these Heaven and Hell visitation testimonies that essentially bring out that everything stated in the Word of God as very serious and real.  These visitation testimonies emphasize  that we need to do what the Bible says very strictly or we are in big trouble.
  • Religions, Christian religions, denominations  over the decades have avoided talking about many of the important points of the Bible because either they wanted to preach a message that seemed easier or that was more laid-back.  Or on the other hand just due to lack of knowing the Bible,  they simply didn’t know what they’re talking about since they never got to KNOW the Bible well but only learned ABOUT the Bible.   Or they only got to learn the Bible as it fit into their man-made structure that focuses on certain aspects while cutting other aspects out and then while twisting up the aspects they do take out of the Bible because you can’t understand parts of the Bible unless you understand the whole Bible.
  • Or those Christian religions and denominations became actual Kingdom of Darkness workers who told you a lot of nice sounding parts while intentionally getting you to ignore the rest especially intentionally getting you to ignore what Jesus is Lord means.   Because having Jesus is Lord, which means that you will obey Him, IS salvation!  Believing that Jesus was raised from the dead is unto righteousness  but obeying is unto salvation.  See Romans 10:9-10  https://biblehub.Com/interlinear/romans/10-9.Htm
  • Well Chuck mentions some very important points in this video that are very helpful. Who is Chuck Pierce? He’s one of the top prophets on the planet and he has an extremely blessed ministry. He looks to obey God.   From impression, he’s genuine and cool about his relationship with God and he is earnest in seeking to do what God says. He was also featured on Elijah List as one of  the most  respected prophets these days.   This introduction for him is stated so that you would consider being a regular listener to his videos for your own benefit and the benefit of the Kingdom of God  and the benefit of the planet.
  • So if you want to be saved which I’m sure you do, then do what God says from his Word. Put God’s Word first over what any man tells you!! I speak from experience and all of I’ve gotten myself into you over the years listening to this or that person instead of listening to God directly and doing what He says, doing what he has said already in His word, in particular the New Testament.
  • So what does the New Testament say about how to get saved?
    • Drop your ways and drop the ways of the world and go with God’s ways. Don’t lean on your own understanding.  Just give up trying to control and simply hand the control over to God. You and innately know how to do this so you don’t have to think and try to figure out how to do that.   So another words forget everything that you think you need to do, forget absolutely everything and now have your whole life and way of thinking be restructured by God,  by doing what he says.
    • You will now be free from the world and its ways and pressures and obligations when you understand that all you you are obligated to do is just  obey God. You’ll be free from family and friends pressures and obligations that are just erroneous and that are holding you back. And when you start doing things God’s way then everything starts going super well in time and everyone around you can be blessed by you and through you we need too much happier lives and eternal successes.
    • Why is there so much emphasis on obedience?  Well as the Bible says and some Heaven visitation people say there are absolutely huge rewards and positions in the Millennial Reign and also on the new Earth. You have to learn how to follow the chain of command, kind of like military in order to rule over an area as a king or lord. Remember that one of Jesus’s names is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Those who are well-trained in obeying Jesus  can become a king and a lord  underneath Jesus’ command.  So the future opportunities are absolutely massive. Please do keep this in mind and understand that with his perspective obedience becomes a lot more fun and exciting!
    • Let God be your Teacher. Let God be your life coach even moment-to-moment. You do that by walking in the Spirit. You get  your new spirit man and Holy spirit when you believe on Jesus with your whole heart.  You received the Spirit of God by believing on God the son, Jesus. You believe that Jesus died for your sins and then was raised from the dead. You believe this in your heart, your whole heart; you believe all the way the Jesus is God the son who died  for your sins and rose from the grave back to the right hand of God the Father. So you follow the guidance even moment-by-moment in real time to the spirit of God.
    • AND THEN for the rest of your life you do what Jesus says from the New Testament and in real time and you will be saved.  See Romans 10:9-10.  (and confessing Jesus is Lord means that you are admitting that you need to obey Jesus  as Jesus says ” why do you call me Lord Lord and not do what I say”.)
    • The New Testament has all the instructions on how to be saved. Don’t listen to man only! Don’t listen to man telling you the minimum requirements to be saved! That is extremely dangerous, eternally dangerous and eternity is a long time and it’s permanent. Be taught by God Himself and respect His Word and respect His Voice in real time. So what exact action steps should you take? Well from my experience I would say to start reading the New Testament 12 times a year and you can use our Volume Bible Reading Plan to do so that has the Volume Bible Reading System.


Video Notes

  • First fruits applies more than ever.  If you give God the BEST He will bless the rest.  No longer a hackneyed banal over used statement.
  • Find out from God what’s your best to give
  • Find out from God where to invest, to give so it counts.
  • From now on do everything and only things through direction of the voice of God, Holy Spirit within you
  • If absorbed mentally and emotion all with debt then all you see are the structures of debt.   Your focus is on dead and not on God?
  • Jesus was/is God, as man.  God is God.  Jesus is God Who came in the form of man. Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus is an exact reproduction of God. So in that sense this could imply thatJ esus is not a created being but a copy, an exact copy of God the Father.  So did God the Father duplicate Himself like cell division?  Things to ask God directly.  Hebrews 1: 3 again, Jesus  is the exact expression of of a substance, the charaktēr of the hypostaseōs of Him.
  • Salvation: we make too hard.  It’s this: I want to be connected with the One Who made me. And only way I can do that is submit self to His Son and learn example of His Son.
  • Jesus was/is a tough person. His mouth cut things apart: religion, sickness, poverty.  When people hear Jesus they had to choose to follow Him, obey Him
  • Disconnect with structure you’ve been in and reconnect with God and flowing, following, obeying Him in real time.
  • Everyone knows that they need to obey their fathers, their dads or there’s big trouble. That trouble used to come into the form of grounding, time out, taking away of “blessings” or spankings.
  • Denominational structures are old wine skins.
  • You have to learn to hear Holy Spirit. So go after identifying God’s voice.
  • Hear God.  Speak what He says to you to speak into the atmosphere. That changes things and  breaks curses.
  • Going forward Christianity will be about hearing the Spirits voice and doing as directed. Out with the old religious strong holds.

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