Kingdom vs. Kingdom Shocking Inner Game Secrets from the Bible to What’s Really Going On

This topic is a big one in this time particular in this new Kingdom Age where it’s the Kingdom of Heaven rising against the Kingdom of Hell on Earth. So the question is for the world:  what exactly is the difference between the two?

It’s a big topic for anyone is looking to get into Heaven. Why is that because we must bear fruit and bring a return for God in order to get into Heaven. We must walk after the Spirit in order to get into Heaven. We must not follow the flesh or the ways of the kingdom of darkness if we want to get into Heaven.  

The Bible warns us over and over again about the different ways of falling short of Heaven even after becoming a Christian a born-again follower of Jesus.  Now some may argue if one is born again they will get into Heaven no matter what.  But in order to go with that philosophy,  you have to cut out most of the New Testament.  That doctrine is not very biblical because when you become born again you then gain the ability to choose between kingdoms. Now you have the ability to make Jesus as Lord whereas you didn’t even have that ability before when you were not born again, regenerated, Born Again from above with the new spirit man Burst Into You.

And making Jesus Lord which starts with confessing with your mouth that Jesus is Lord as Romans 10:9-10 you then take up your cross daily, walk in the spirit, following Jesus and obeying His directorship of your life which also results in you reading and obeying the New Testament. Which comes first? Walking in the Spirit or reprogramming your mind and your heart’s mind (your soul) to obey Jesus commandments of the New Testament?  Do both and you’ll get better at both at the same time.

 The new spirit man does not sin. The new spirit man is born of God it cannot sin.  After you get into Heaven you will become immortal and you will not be able to sin anymore.  Even the Book of Enoch or one of the books of Enoch talk about this.   That is certainly great news. It’s great news because you don’t have to worry about sinning after you get into Heaven because there are so many sins to do here that  most people have no idea what are these sins. (see the list of 666 sins of the Bible  from the right-hand menu and prepared to be shocked!  Treat them very seriously.   Eternity is at stake.)

Also  most people were not taught about the sins of the Bible or the Commands of Jesus, not from their churches and certainly not from government or media.  This was due to the kingdom of darkness control over the Earth and heavy influence especially over the past 70 years along with the compromised, the yeast infected denominations that did not tell us what the sins of the Bible were other than a few obvious ones nor did they tell us about Jesus commands and our obligation to obey the entire New Testament therefore making Jesus our Lord which is salvation,  which comes through obedience,  not just a sinner’s prayer according to understanding.   The Bible and  more recently these Hell and Heaven  visitations of various types  have shown the seriousness and severity and even the difficulty of entering Heaven.  

So going forward we all want to be aggressive in mastering the difference between the flesh and the Spirit.  

 Here it is excellent genuine message from T.D. Jakes  in regards to the topic. 



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