James Durham 100 Days in Heaven Visitations

James Durham 100 Days in Heaven Visitations

Here’s another visit to Sid Roth show by James Durham.  In this video James reviews his 100 days for visitations to heaven. He has training on this.

James talks about how different people can go visit heaven is well.

I’ve read his book 100 Days in Heaven (link to Amazon for your convenience).  It Is a very powerful book and very important for you to read. I would highly suggest you read it. This book will make Heaven so much more real for you. But there are also valuable insights how things work in Heaven, how to get there, how to make God happy and more insights on how God is and how Heaven is that you really need to know. I read this book covering one day sometimes two days at a time, that is one or two days of Heaven visitations at a time. It was so valuable, each day was, that I felt it was that important to soak each visitation in in order to grasp the depth of it.

Watch this video.  There’s more teaching as well. Discover how to access supernatural senses for example…



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