How to Go to Heaven

How to Go to Heaven


How to Go to Heaven in Summary Introduction to make the Complex Simple. Here is What You Do:

  1. Believe the New Testament and do what the New Testament says.   It has all the instructions on how to get into Heaven.
  2. Believe in Jesus completely:
    1. Believe in Him as a Person.  Believe in Jesus personally.  Believe in Jesus as a good wife is to believe in her man, her husband.  We are to be the bride of Christ, the wife of Christ.  We are to marry God, those of you who accept Jesus’ proposal of salvation and say “I do!” to Jesus being our Savior and Lord, Redeemer and Husband.
    2. First get started with a salvation prayer – you can use this one.
    3. Believe that Jesus (Yeshua – original Name) is the Son of God or God the Son.  Believe He is God the Son through Whom your were made and understand that nothing was made in this physical universe without Jesus.  (God the Father spoke it.  Jesus stepped out of God to make it. Jesus made you!  Recognize your Maker!)  Believe He is your Maker.
    4. Believe that He took on a flesh body in this realm, lived here, taught, did miracles, died for your sins and was raised from the dead back to Heaven to be seated at the right hand of God the Father.  Believe that God the Son became man, died for your sins as a sacrifice so you can be restored to a Holy God.
    5. Believe everything Jesus said. 
    6. Believe Jesus when He says He’s your One and Only Teacher.
    7. Believe Jesus when He says that He is your Lord and Master, King of Kings and Lord of Lords which means that you need to do what He says to be a lawful citizen of Heaven, to even get into Heaven.
      1. Believe Jesus.  Believe what He says.  Believe Jesus when He says that He must be your Lord and Master for you to be saved.
      2. Understand that a Lord and Master means that God, Jesus is your director of life, even moment by moment as you follow Him in the Spirit.  You, by believing on Jesus today, you will be regenerated and have a new powerful part of you that is born from above, born of God, a new spirit man version of you that is powerful and does not sin.  Understand that Jesus as Master means that He owns you, purchasing you with a price, redeeming your from the grips of the anti-god creature called Sin, because once you do one sin, sin owns you.  If you are owned by Jesus then He gets to claim you and bring  you home to Heaven.  So yes you want to be owned by God, by Jesus!  Because if sin owns you, it gets to keep you for the rest of eternity after this life in the flesh doing brutal evil to you for eternity which is very not good!
      3. Understand that if Jesus is your Lord, which is a requirement to be saved, then you must do what He says.  So go learn the New Testament well and turn the New Testament concepts and actions of goodness into your beliefs which then will make them your habits.   And get rid of the bad things the New Testament says not to do, that the New Testament calls sin.
    8. Believe also the promises that Jesus said.  This includes that everything will be added onto you that you need if you put the Kingdom of God 1st.  That you’ll have a mansion waiting for you in Heaven.  That you are commanded to become eternally rich, wealthy, to build your very real treasure (stuff, really cool stuff in addition to being with God and good friends who aren’t mean to you and can’t act bad).  That you are to become a priest, then a lord and king of which, according to your faithful obedience and return that you generate for the Kingdom of Heaven, will be award greater positions of power and will one day take part in ruling the universe (read your New Testament and see!).
    9. Believe Jesus and obey all His commands whatsoever, which is the entire New Testament (since as per Matthew 28:19-20, teaching us all of Jesus commands whatsoever was the apostles who wrote the New Testament, commission and job).
    10. Trust Jesus.  Trust God.  Trust God like a child. Trust God, that He is looking out for your best interests and eternal success (think bigger, think long term, think 500, 1000, a million a billion years from now).  Trust God that He loves you as He says He does.  Trust God that He is shaping you to become great, even eternally wealthy and powerful. Like God.  Love God.
    11. Change your mind.  Reprogram your cerebral mind and heart’s mind with good, with the New Testament, with Jesus’ commands of the New Testament (any verse stated in a command or implied command style).  For do understand that the Kingdom of Darkness through this world has been programming you and trying to keep programming you to believe in their “commands of Satan”, their commands of Sin ever since you were born to this planet.
      1. Take all verses that say directly or imply for you to do this or that, and do them, turning them into your habits.
      2. Take all verse that imply for you to understand this or that, and pursue understanding.
    12. Be taught by God; Jesus says He is your One and Only Teacher so go to Him with your questions.  Talk to Him.  Yes you can talk to Him.  Just don’t talk at Him talk with Him which means listen to Him.  You’ll know his voice
  3. Do these things and you will do well.  You will get into Heaven.  And you will build much eternal wealth in the process.  But do be aggressive in pursuing doing what the New Testament says because your may not feel like it (in your flesh).  So use your will and actively and aggressively choose to pursue God and do what He says.  And I speak from much personal experience.


How to get into Heaven – The Longer Version

For starters:

  1. Ask God your Maker the One you KNOW on your insides is God to help you get right with Him and to show you how to become one of His children in Heaven.  When in down ask God and listen.  Talk to God directly.  Salvation is between you and Him.  You certainly don’t need to go through a church or be approved by some man made doctrine or religion.   Any religion that claims to have the special access to Heaven will likely lead you away from God personally and into the pit.  Get away from those religions and denominations and stay away.   You are to be directed and taught by God and you need no man to teach you.  See 1 John 2:27.
  2. Ask God to enable  you to believe in Jesus.  God must grant  you the ability to believe on Jesus.  So ask Him.  Just be serious and sincere. After all this is your eternity we’re talking about. 
  3. When you feel you are able to believe on Jesus then believe in your heart that God the Father raised God the Son Who is Jesus from the dead after Jesus came and died for your sins.
  4. Confess with your mouth out loud that Jesus is Lord.  This means that you admit and agree that Jesus is the ruler over everything and with an act of your will you invite Jesus to be your Lord.  This means you invite Jesus to direct your life.  And this also means you will follow Jesus and do as He directs you, doing what He tells you to do.
  5. Express to God that you are sorry for all the wrong things you’ve done that have offended Him,  made Him upset and hurt His feelings.  Then tell God you want to change your ways and do what He wants you do.  Ask God to help you now and for the rest of your life to become eternally and to help you fulfill your destiny that He has already pre-written for you.
  6. Thank God for saving you and praise Him for being so kind, loving and awesome.  Accept His gift of salvation.  Believe that God will save you as He has said.
  7. Now your journey unto total eternal success begins.  Start by spending time with God in His Word for He says “Salvation is this: to know God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son whom the Father has sent”  – John 17:3.
  8. Learn all Jesus’ commands of the New Testament which is any verse said in a command style or an implied command style.   Learn them.  Understand them with the help of your One and Only Teacher, Who is Jesus.  Ask, seek, knock for understanding. Turn Jesus commands into your beliefs and habits.  “Reprogram” yourself with Jesus commands and when you do, you’ll  bear a return of 30, 60 or 100 fold!  This is the “secret” to success as plainly stated in the New Testament.  Also understand that you’re likely loaded up with “commands of Satan” due to growing up and being in this world, which are beliefs in a sin where you think and believe that a thing that the Bible calls a sin is good to do, ok to do or something you can get away with doing.
  9. Conversely, get the list of this 666 sins of the Bible (you should be able to find on the right side menu on our website). Know what these sins are so you can identify what is a sin and a. get it out of you, cancel out the sin belief whereas you thought it was ok or good to do such a thing and now admit it is not ok at all to do such a thing that the Bible calls a sin.   If you don’t install the commands of Jesus of the New Testament and uninstall the sins listed in the Bible then you will be vulnerable to trouble.  You will have “built you house upon the sand”. Understand that you have a very real enemy who wants to bring you down to the pit for an eternity.  Although you have power over the enemy in Christ, but when you sin you empower the enemy against you.   So know what these sins are and uninstall them from your being.  You grew up in this world, live in the world and the dark side has been programming you with sin beliefs you are not even aware about for a long time.
  10. Obey Jesus commands and turn them into your habits + get out all the sins of your life + listen, follow the Lord’s real time directing of your life
  11. Get baptized by immersion to signify you have been born again from above.
  12. Get baptized in God the Holy Spirit by the “laying of hands”.
  13. Pray often.  Talk with God.  Talk with Jesus, afterall do understand that Jesus is your spirtual spouse to be where as you are the bride and He is the groom.  What couple would get married if they never spent time together or talked with one another.  Also when you pray, understand it is a conversation – don’t do all the talking.
  14. God is seeking worshipers in Spirit and in Truth – this is why we were made.  So worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  Thanks and praise is something you want to start doing more and more and more.

Do you want to go to hell?  Most people don’t.  Some people think they do.  Some people are deceived to  they think that’s where all the “cool people are”.  Others think that they will be given power by Satan to become wealthy and rule over things and they actually bought into this to the various occults, secret societies, satanism, and other religions.  Unfortunately hell is an incomprehensible disaster beyond all imagination where you’ll be alone except when demons and creatures come to rip you into pieces while maybe being burn to a crisp in the process, experiencing death even daily, trillions of times over, for an eternity.  Sooo…. you and I certainly don’t want to go there.  And we need to make sure others understand.  Although sometimes people may think they want certain people to “go to hell”, they’ll get a different perspective if they hear about hell from some hell visitation videos.  Once you get to know what’s in hell you would not wish it on your worst enemy or the worst person who lived (although you may think a couple few hours may wake them up!).  So in a certain sense it’s good to get a perspective of what hell really is and the brutality of it which is eternally never yielding.  And God doesn’t want anyone to go there and He want’s all to repent to Him so they may have eternal life.   So let’s get real and not mess around with this life.  

Also understand that this age is for the clean out of the universe of the mess that Satan, Lucifer and His angels made, birthing iniquity and Sin and death.   And since God made everyone so they can NEVER be destroyed He must separate out those who choose evil, sin, death, destruction, theft… Sin (Sin the anti-god) so they will no longer infect the universe, Heaven, the New Heaven and the New Earth.  So they go in quarantine, outside of God, separated out from God, in “dimension zero”, where they all live in the presence of Sin, evil to maximum power.   So let’s not have any part to do with Sin or evil but obey God, obey Jesus’ commands instead.

Now do understand that our life’s purpose isn’t just for the sake of avoiding the negative! It’s for going for positive, it’s for going for the best!  It’s for love, extreme love, even better than you’ve ever have felt it at its best.  It’s for tremendous wealth that lasts forever.  It’s for the greatest type of relationships,  friendships, that last forever where people won’t hurt you or stab you in the back, or betray or abuse you as you may have experienced here on earth.

Heaven is about having a most awesome time in love and friendship, in  amazingness in union with your Maker, Who you will find out is the most awesome Person ever!  He is a Person.  He has feelings.  He has personality. He is 3 Persons. He is God.  God is One.  God is 3 Persons who are their own Persons but they are God.  And they are the best People ever as you’ll find out, as you pursue them and get to know Them more.  You’ll just love Them!  They’re the most fun, exciting, loving, amazing, positive, encouraging, helpful, self-sacrificing, People, Beings, who actually like you, who are actually excited about you and you actually want the best for you.  They want the most exciting times for you, the most love for you, the most riches for you in all forms of richness and the most deep and close relationships ever.   

Who are these People Who is God?  God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  The Father is the Head.  Jesus is at the Right Hand of the Father, Who is the Word of God, the One Who Created You through the Father’s Command.  The Holy Spirit Who is Everywhere all at once at the same time, Who is the One who comes into you as your new permanent Friend, Comforter and Helper after you are born again. 

How to get into Heaven Steps.

  1. Pursue God
    1. Go after God hard to “get right” with Him.
    2. You need to seek God.  You need to show you really care, that you really want Him.  It’s just how it works.  Because God is really loving and sincere and wants to know if you really like Him, love Him and want Him:  “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”  Matthew 7:7 
    3. And do understand that He has been pursuing you, arranging things in yoru life so you find Him in a most awesome way to have a most awesome and exciting and loving relationship with Him
  2. Ask- Pray directly to God your Maker and ask Him to help you get right with Him.  And ask Him if you can become one of His children so that you can be with Him forever in Heaven.  Don’t pray to anyone else except the One you know Who is God, from your insides, from your inner sense of knowing.  Don’t let thoughts of religions confuse you. You are trying to get right with your Maker, Who you KNOW is your Maker.  Forget everything you were ever taught by this world and go deal directly with God.  You know how to talk to God and what to say already, innately.  So be serious and sincere with God.  It’s time for you to get into Heaven.  It’s time for you to be saved into an eternity of goodness.  It’s time to restore your relationship with God, where you know you are on good terms with Him.
    1. Ask God to show you Jesus and enable you to believe on Jesus.
    2. You may have said that You believed in Jesus in the past but understand you need to really believe in Jesus with your whole heart.  You will know innately if you have fully believed in Jesus. Forced religious repetitions and “confirmations” do not count if it isn’t real between you and God according to the Bible.  You also need to believe Jesus, believing what He says and therefore doing all that He says, in order to believe on Jesus.
  3. Believe – if you are ready, say the prayer with all  your heart:

  1. Receive – open up to Jesus.
  2. Be Baptized – full immersion signifies the dying of the old self and the rebirth, signifying being born again, being born new from above, becoming a new creation in Christ, dying and been raised from the dead. When you understand this you understand how important it is to be baptized with the full immersion.    There are many churches that follow the Bible and do full immersion baptism that you can contact to be baptized. Or simply find someone who believes on Jesus being born again, who follows Jesus, and ask them to baptize you in a swimming pool, a bath tub or other safe body of water
  3. Repent out all sin
    1. Get this list and know the sins of the Bible well so you will not be tricked by them later.  You do not want to get deceived by send and ruin your life, or ruining your destiny, or cause other people to not become saved!   You were very fortunate to have this list of sins and list of commands tell be prevent wasted time and countless error – that most have fallen into because no one trained them in the sins and commands of Jesus.
    2. Beware of organized religious doctrine (that falls way short of the entire New Testament)!   You have One Teacher Who is Jesus directly.  Sure, other pastors, preachers and teachers can add value to your life by sharing what they were taught by Jesus, but if they are sharing what they made up or what some worker from the Kingdom of Darkness told them to say then you don’t want their mumbo jumbo even hitting your ears.
    3. Being in sin is a disaster.  You become a bad testimony that causes others do not believe on Jesus.  Some may never get another chance and will not make it to Heaven because of you being in sin. So get this perspective now!  It’s very important.  We don’t want to be held accountable for someone going to hell because it was our fault.  Many don’t tell you this because they’re trying to make it “easy” for you which is not easier at all– They are setting you up for a big giant mess and failure!
  1. Obey Jesus commands of the New Testament
  2. Bear fruit for God and the Kingdom
    1. Obey Jesus commands = you bear 30, 60, 100 fold returns for the Kingdom
    2. Worship and Praise God – for this is the #1 reason for why you were created.   As you get better at doing so this becomes the most amazing, fun, powerful thing you can do.  What is worship and praise?  See below
  3. Rule and Reign in the authority of God through the Name of Jesus


Important FAQ:

What is Worship and Praise?

This is a love experience between you and God. God is seeking worshippers in Spirit and Truth. He wants you to genuinely worship Him, praise Him, thank Him, honor Him, pay attention to Him, spend time with Him and love Him. He wants you to be in love with Him. That’s really neat isn’t it!

How do I Uninstall a Sin, a Sin Belief, a Sin Habit?

What’s a sin?  It’s a relationship offense against God. It’s a rebellion against God’s commands. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords; and He’s God; and He’s our Master where we are the servant/slave. So we better be obedient or we’re in big trouble. Plus Jesus says “if you love me, obey my commands”. So then Jesus will not feel loved. And we want to make Him feel loved because firstly we just do, secondly we are engaged to Him and thirdly we don’t want to mess around with things regarding eternal life, so don’t mess with the King!

You can identify  sin exactly by first understanding what it is.  See 666 Sins of the Bible to Uninstall from Yourself for starters.  Look up in the dictionary the words you don’t absolutely understand in the Bible. Also go to and use the Interlinear Bible so you can look up the Greek and Hebrew words for exact and more elaborate and more accurate definitions of words.

Pray and ask the Lord what things mean. Ask if you have these sins in you and to reveal them to  you, giving you understanding about them so you can now repent, disbelieve in that sin and believe in Jesus’ command instead.  Have conversation with God and He’ll will help you. He certainly hear from you and talk with you. In fact Jesus says He’s our One and Only Teacher – so go to Him with your questions instead of trying to figure it out on your own (which doesn’t work very well…).

One does a sin because they believe that sin is okay or even good to do. If you really and bluntly, honestly look at why you do a certain thing that is considered a sin you will see this.

A sin is essentially a belief. One will do a sin because they believe it’s okay or good to do. So our job is to believe in what God says is good and to stop believing in what God Says is a sin.

You can see the difference between what God Says to do verses what’s a sin by learning Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament.

So by believing Jesus and what He says then you’ll do what He says and your bear a lot of fruit. And if you believe in Jesus then you believe Him and what He says therefore you’ll do what He says. Obedience to God = faith, according to the Bible. So in order to believe in Jesus you need to obey Him. By doing what Jesus says, you make Jesus your Lord, which is salvation after you are born again.

And remember that this life here in this realm is a puny lifespan in a dark world. We are not supposed to be seeking to maximize ourselves for this world but we are supposed to maximize ourselves for eternity! What’s longer: A billion years or 70 years? Right. And what we do now determines our eternal wealth and our eternal power position to rule and reign with Christ in the millennial Reign and on the New Heaven and New Earth.

So do everything you do for eternity, putting the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first. You’ll be certainly glad you did. And really, according to the Bible, you really don’t have an option as we see the parables of what happens to those who do not produce fruit, a return for God and the Kingdom of God. So on that note get to know your Bible very well.

What Does it Mean to Follow  Jesus?

  1. Obey Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament.  Turn these commands into your habits which turns them into your beliefs.
  2. Walk in the Spirit.  Be the new man, the born again man that is born of God if you finally and really believed by gong through the steps above.  Don’t follow your flesh man.  Be “spiritual” filled with God the Holy Spirit.  Abide in Christ.  Walk in the Light.  Abide in love; God is Love.  Be guided by God even moment to moment.



  1. For more understanding of Heaven look up Kat Kerr’s ministries.  She is a lady who makes visits to Heaven daily, as strange as that may sound.  She’s called up like John was in Revelation.  But many many people are having these experiences these days. Kat just gets to directly work with God the Father helping us prepare for the Kingdom Age.  Here is a playlist: Just click on the Kat Kerr one.  She has more materials on her websites that I highly recoomend:   and