How to Get into Heaven – Be Converted then Become Like Children

How to Get into Heaven – Be Converted then Become Like Children

Matthew 18:1 “At that [a]time the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” 2 And He called a child to Himself and set him [b]before them, 3 and said, “Truly I say to you, unless you [c]are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (NASB)

So at this point our concern is to make sure we (you, us, we all) get into Heaven. And at the same time it’s important to also go for a goal since the Bible gives us one, the prize.

Why is that in my opinion?

Let’s look at the next verse: “4 Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (NASB)

Having such a goal, as instructed by the Bible to do, helps us have a vision for the very distant future. We move on from the milk of the Word into the meat of the Word in concept too. We will look to obey the New Testament and generate eternal wealth. We will look to grow the kingdom and help save souls. We will look to more aggressively obey the New Testament and become great in the Kingdom of Heaven instead of just being almost thankless and doing the bare minimum just to get in. Plus why wouldn’t you want to be considered great versus a chump? Why not go for greatness? It’s much more fun!

Also by aiming to be considered great in the Kingdom of Heaven, we have a way of thinking that helps us focus our life and put it in perspective. We will now have a mindset of looking to purposefully redesign ourselves in order to shape ourselves into what God considers to be excellent. We also become more of a positive addition to the Kingdom of Heaven. Additionally you certainly don’t want to have regrets for eternity do you (actually that technically that maybe more so until the New Earth).

So in for my opinion if you aim to be great in the Kingdom of Heaven, if you aim to be considered great in the Kingdom of Heaven then that’s a noble ambition. And by going for greatness, in what God considers to be great, that’s also a sign of appreciation for what He has done and given us. And while humbling yourself as a child so you will be: more humble, open, have a greater ability to believe, have a greater ability to genuinely obey, have a greater ability to forgive,  have a greater ability to change (repent), have greater ability to have friends and love in addition to having a greater ability to have fun… well, that does sound noble!   We would all be a lot more fun to be around if we were more like kids!

What age range of kids are we talking about?  I would guess from age 7 down due to experience and scientifically measured brain development.

Now granted kids will develop in reaction to how they are treated and after the behavior patterns of their parents. So it’s probably a good idea to try to keep that in mind if possible, especially if they are your kids.

Also if they are your kids you may have a hard time seeing your own behavior patterns and attitude towards your kids. Why? Because how you were treated as a child and how you were brought up often comes out subconsciously and you may not even be aware of how you think and how you treat others, particularly your kids, or even your pets, until later. This may be a good thing or often it’s a bad thing too. So be aware of that and maybe look into that. Also be aware of the environment you provide your kids and how that impacts your kids.What does it mean to be converted?

Being converted would or could mean:

  1. You obeyed the instruction from the New Testament to believe with your heart as a verb that Jesus died for your sins and was risen from the grave.
  2. That you now seek to obey Jesus’ commands instead of the commands of Satan, the ways of the world.
  3. You have become born again from above. Become a new creature in Christ. That you have been born of God because you beloved on Jesus for real with your heart and not just with words. (many of us have gone to religious ceremonies in the past where we said we believe. But we had no idea what that meant nor did we have any sort of genuine intention of doing so, for real). So believe for real! Ask God for help on this, listen to what He says and then go through one of those salvation prayers, which  are quite helpful.

What does it mean to become like children? Let’s do a brainstorm.

Now for those of you who have children this may be easier. Those of you who do not have children maybe find out how to hang out with some kids in order to learn from them. You parents are lucky you can learn a lot from your kids. And of course you are kids can learn tons from you good and hopefully not bad, right?

  1. Kids have less knowledge of the world and they have a lot less Confusion by the world
  2. Kids tend to have an open heart to love and believe
  3. Kids have an ability to trust people they know in particular
  4. Kids are open and bold in there, asian with parents
  5. Kids tend to be able to forgive pretty quickly
  6. Kids love to have fun
  7. Kids tend to not like to mess around with complicated confusing things or “deep thoughts”
  8. Kids like sugar!
  9. Kids like being free
  10. Kids like running around
  11. Kids like playing
  12. Kids love fun
  13. Kids tend to be humble
  14. Kids are dependent on their parents
  15. Kids love to learn
  16. Kids usually love animals unless they had some negative experience with them
  17. Kids tend to not judge others unless they were trained to do so
  18. Kids were people of different races, shapes, sizes, beauty usually are not a barrier for a kid
  19. Kids tend to be messy and dive into things
  20. Kids tender sleep when they’re tired and eat when they’re hungry and are more in tune to natural ways and Cycles
  21. Can have the ability to believe in something (it’s too bad we train them to believe in myths and then tell them they are false later isn’t it… Just thinking about that: What are we setting our kids up for?  To expect Jesus to turn out to be like Santa Clause?  To distrust Christ? That Jesus will disappoint us like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy? That’s just came to mind. Hmmm)

So what’s the conclusion for the instructions on how to get into Heaven and get into Heaven well from these verses?

Be converted. Believe on Jesus as the New Testament instructs. Learn how to humble yourself a child. Acknowledge your dependence on God Almighty, that we really can’t do anything without him except get into trouble and that we are dependent on Him for living now and living into eternity. So in that we thank Him and we honor Him. And then we live according to this perspective.

So let’s keep learning and understanding and reprogramming ourselves, our souls, our minds and our hearts, with the instruction of the New Testament while uninstalling the bad “virus programming”, the beliefs, the false beliefs, that come from the ways of the world and the Kingdom of Darkness.


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