How to Get into Heaven – a Plan of Action

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How to Get into Heaven – a Plan of Action

  1. Read the New Testament 12 times a year.  See plan with system on side bar.
  2. Then read whole Bible 5 times a year. See plan with system on side bar.
    1. Volume Bible Reading Plan – 5 Times a Year
  3. Get a KNOWING for the Bible.  This type of knowing is like knowing a person, knowing your best friend. 
  4. Have meditation, study, contemplation time with God’s Word looking to understand, have revealed, taught to you by God, what the verse(s) mean, how to think about them and how to apply them to your life, as God directs . 
  5. Ask.  Listen.  Read.  Reprogram your mind and heart with God’s Word making the Word of God your way of thinking and doing.  Most all of us a lot of bad info from the kingdom of darkness in our minds and  hearts that we picked up from religions, schools, others, TV, book, music, movies, family etc…
  6. The Bible is a system.  You must operate within this system.  It is a system of all reality and for all existence. Everything we do must harmonize with the Creator and Source of all life and all their is.  Therefore we must obey the rules of the system of the universe, the Bible.  So for example, what happens when you break the “laws of nature”?  Trouble is what happens. Disharmony is what happens.  Disease, destruction and death is what happens.   So, then, let’s be logical, and obey the Bible, the New Testament for us now. 
  7. Just simply “reprogram yourself” with the New Testament primarily.  You’ll start to understand this concept as you read the Bible over and over and over as layer by layer by layer is revealed to you as you spend time getting to know God more and more by spending time in His Word.  Want to know God?  Know the Bible.  Know the Word of God.  One of the main reasons you are here on Earth in this dimension is for you to build and awesome and close relationship with God, because it is here where great and deep levels of a relationship with God can be built by going THROUGH the good but also the bad.  And through these intense experiences on Earth you can grow very close heart string ties with God. 
  8. God will teach you through the New Testament how to have a good relationship with Him.  He will teach you how to hear His voice and how to walk in the Spirit.   He will show you how to do good works correctly.  He will show you how to build eternal wealth.  He will show you how to be successful. He will show you how to have Eternal Life and a Great Eternal Life.   He will show you how to hear the words, “well done my good and faithful servant…”.    Don’t look for the easy way, looking for messages by preachers and pastors etc. to teach you.  It’s impossible for them to teach you fully correctly about God.  And yes they can certainly teach you or rather let you know about what God has taught them, yet that is just for them, where they are at and who they are which is different than.  You are to be taught by God and only God can teach you about God correctly.  Only you can teach others about you, who you really are, right?  Right.  Only God directly can teach us about Him, revealing layer by layer of what He’s like, what He likes, what He doesn’t like and things like that.  Jesus says He is your one and only Teacher and you’re not to call any one else teacher.  So go directly to God with your questions and actually listen. And don’t be afraid God is happy, even excited to hear from you even if you think you’re bad. God wants friends.  That’s why He created us. You can actually become a friend of God.  Isn’t that awesome?! Talk to Him.  And don’t keep talking over Him, listen.  Be cool.  Hang out with God.  Develop that best friend trust with God like you’ve had with your best friends of the past.  Jesus says that if you obey all His commands (the New Testament) then  you can be His friend.  Jesus’s commands, the New Testament, is God’s “Rules of Relationship” and if you, we had to write down all of your rules of relationship, your, our book maybe even bigger than the entire Bible if you think about it… 
  9. Pray. Pray in tongues. Worship.  Praise.  Give thanks. Admire God’s works.  Choose God’s ways, His foods.  Be holy as we are commanded, something we know innately how to do after becoming born again. 
  10. Don’t seek others to get to God.  Seek God directly. He will always hear you.  In fact, after you become born again by believing on Jesus, that He is God the Son Who died for your sins and was risen from the grave, God will live inside you in the spirit realm.  So He’s right there experiencing everything you experience.   That maybe hard to grasp but you’ll get it better and better over time. 
  11. Just do what the New Testament says, like literally take each verse stated in a command or implied command style and create a habit out of it.  Once you put the New Testament, Jesus’ sayings, Jesus’ command into practice, realize they are really good and feel the reward, then you’ll fully believe on Jesus’s word.  Because you can’t say you believe in Jesus without believing what He says. And you can’t confession “Jesus is Lord” without realizing that you are obligated to obey everything He says from the New Testament.  Once you fully believe in a verse of the New Testament by experiencing doing it, realizing it is good and the way to go, then your subconscious mind will accept the New Testament verse as a belief, fully, thereby making it a habit,  your habitual response or thing to do.   As you program your soul (your cerebral mind, your heart’s mind and your subconscious mind) with the New Testament, turning it it to what you believe, say and do, then you will become the 4th seed and a highly successful follower of Jesus producing much fruit for God and much eternal wealth for yourself. 

Oh, and you must become born again first so you can be born of God, born again, born from above.   Use this salvation prayer and do it for real, mean it for real, belief on Jesus with your heart that He came to Earth, died for your sins and was risen from the grave – which is what gets you born again. 

Salvation Prayer


Success Tips:

After you say a prayer such as this, formally inviting Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, out loud, while out loud confessing “Jesus is Lord” then soak it in. Get a feel for what’s going on inside of you and around you.

From there just start talking to God and listening. Get on a volume Bible reading plan.  Get the list of 666 Sins of Bible List so you know what they are so you can stop doing them and stop believing that they are good, okay to do or that they are something you can “get away with”.  Then take the lists of the Commands of Jesus and start learning them.  Start visualize yourself doing them in different scenarios.  Ask God what they mean.  Ask God all of your questions.   Be aggressive about this.  Do these things and you’ll gain a HUGE advantage over life setting yourself up for massive eternal success and a large crown of people and angels, in addition to God especially greeting you at the gates of Heaven, super excited to welcome you.

666 Sins of the Bible to Uninstall from Yourself

Commands of Jesus to Install into Yourself – If You Want Jesus to Be Your Lord Instead of Satan then You Must Obey Jesus Commands an Turn Them into Your Habit – 

These are the verses only that we’ve identified, 4 times over through the New Testament.  We’ll look to explain these more and more on a site you should book mark in your browser or email to yourself. 

Additionally, learn all you can about Heaven.  Start with Kat Ker who has visited Heaven thousands of times. 

That’s all folks…

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