How to Do the Will of the Father So You Can Get into Heaven?

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What is the will of the Father, God the Father? 


What does God the Father want?  What does a father want in general (since we are made after God’s Image and Likeness)? 

A father wants his children to be obedient.  A father wants his children to think highly of him and think he is wonderful and super.   A father wants respect and honor from his children.  A father wants to hear the praise of his children,  wanting to hear that his children thinks he is great and wonderful and the best dad ever.   Wants his children to trust him.  Wants his children to obey him for sure. Likes gifts from his children that are genuine. Wants his children to do well and to do good, to do goodness.  Is proud of his children when they do good, when they do excellently. Wants his children to excel in everything his child does.  Wants his child to fulfill his destiny with excellence.  Wants his children to be happy,  in good health and wealthy. 
That’s a pretty good starter list.  And by getting to know the Word of God we see that this is what God wants for His children. But wait a minute how do we know if we are His child?
Well technically here’s how it works: A lot of people say, especially the new agers, that you are God’s child just because you are a human.  Now technically as for understanding:
A.  You are a spirit birthed in God and He carried you around in His belly like a woman carries a child (hence  both man and woman are made in God’s image). 
B.  When you came to Earth and you did your first sin out of the age of accountability (some people estimate that to be age 7,  although that’s just a guess,  others may say age 13 after your Bar Mitzvah),  then that Spirit sent here died and you were just left with us soul and a flesh body,  as per my understanding of this moment.
So because your spirit died you needed a new spirit.   But your new spirit is even better then the first one because it becomes born of God. And you need to be born of God with this new Spirit man in order to get into Heaven.
And your new spirit man cannot sin according to 1 John.  So that’s good news.  Well it’s good news that you can be born of God which means you become Born Again into the family of God.  And also it’s good news that you can’t sin or at least your spirit man can’t sin anymore.  That’s why it’s mentioned in the Bible that if you walk after your  Spirit man  then you won’t sin,  but if you walk after,  follow the ways of the flesh you’ll sin sent all over the place.
But after you die in Christ you become immortal and then you cannot sin anymore.  Even the Book of Enoch talks about how after you become immortal then you can’t sin anymore against God. And that is awesome and a huge relief.
Most people have no idea what’s sin even is.   Make sure you check out the list of the 666 sins of the Bible which you should be able to see on the sidebar of our website. 
Go through each sin very carefully and work with the Lord to make sure you understand what that sin is and then find each sin within you if you are doing that sin. If you think one of those sins are good to do, ok to do or something that you can get away with, then you’re doing that sin or will do that sin in the future when the moment is right.   So you need to repent out, change your mind about your belief in that sin believing it is either good to do, ok to do or something that you can get away with, to that sin now being wrong, totally and completely 100% wrong, then you won’t do that sin anymore or do it into the future.
Chances are if you don’t really know or not if you’re doing that sin,  you’re probably doing that sin.   It’s a huge list and the sin possibilities feel like they are seemingly endless.  So ultimately yes we need to reprogram our souls by uninstalling “sin software” and by installing the “software of Jesus’ commands  of the New Testament”. 
But still,  there are so many layers of possibilities related to sin, a particular sin.  So therefore the solution is to draw close to the Lord in Spirit,  following Him in the Light,  spending time with Him, in prayer, works of obedience  worship and praise and fellowship with genuine brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let’s get back to the central point here which is the question: what is the will of God the Father?

As per my understanding to this point in time it is:
  1. Obeying Jesus commands, everything Jesus said in the New Testament. 
  2. Obeying in real time by walking in the Spirit.   Doing what you’re told by hearing God’s voice within.
  3. Don’t have an idle moment in this life but have all your moments and efforts in words directed towards the glory of God and bearing fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.   Thereby you will produce fruit that comes from abiding in Christ,  showing true repentance,  meaning turning of your mind and heart to God.
  4. Find the gifts that God gave you and use them to the maximum all the way to becoming a great witness with them.
  5. Find your destiny and fulfill it.
  6. Overcome every sin by returning back to God in obedience,  doing good instead of evil.
  7. Do good in school,  meaning learn your Bible well and learn your life lessons from the Bible well.
  8. Give back to God out of inspiration with your:  prayers,  conversations with Him,  Worship in Spirit and Truth,  Financial investing in the Kingdom,  time investing in the Kingdom,  witnessing for the Kingdom,  time spent in Bible,  time in fellowship with genuine Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  acts of kindness in line with the word of God,  through inspiration,  through obedience plus others…

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