How to Become a Born Again Super Powered Being that Gets You Into Heaven

A Note to a Friend on How to Become a Born Super Powered Being that Gets You Into Heaven

Note:  this is not the most formal description, it’s actually a note I sent a new friend.  Maybe it can help you get into Heaven and understand how to break free of religious bondage and the same time so you can live a MOST AWESOME Life NOW and for ETERNITY!   Yahhhhooo!

“Ok you’re going to be my friend forever when you get this and then do this (if you haven’t already). 🙂

Born Again also called Born from above is one of the biggest miracles from Heaven where Jesus’ Spirit enters into us and brings our dead spirit back to life, actually fusing with our spirit (our spirit died because of sin and our spirit man is a powerful perfected version of us that even makes the angels tremble – and our born again spirit man does not sin.  Our spirit man is the one who gets to go to Heaven fused with our soul).

You will become a powerful being with your new man that will have all power over the dark side.  Plus God has revealed new super powers of recent (actually the apostles used most of them) like releasing the anointing, healing people (yes you), binding and loosing (instantly getting bad stuff our of your soul while binding good stuff, and you can work with the Host of Heaven – you’ll start with your own 100 person army of 30 to 50 foot angels many of who look like Transformers and actually transform into weapons and ships.  I’m not kidding.  See Kat Kerr stuff below for more on that.

Born again happens in the heart when one really, actually believes in Jesus that Jesus is God the Son Who came to die for our sins and was raised from the dead into Heaven.  It’s no longer a mental repetitive religious thing we did at confirmation but a real deal, we actually, BELIEVE in Jesus with our HEART and we fully believe.  Believe with a verb.  Try it.  Think about it. Practice it and then do it.

So I’ll post a prayer below that you can use and just say it with belief.  You know how to do this innately.  You already know how to believe in something.  Remember when you were a kid how you were able to believe in things?  Use that ability you already have.

We are to become the “bride of Christ”. That means as a corporate whole we become the woman spiritually speaking, to God, God the Son, the man.  And every man needs his woman to believe in Him! Maybe that will help provide some insight.

But Jesus is also King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is Master of the Universe. We are to obey Him.  He is God.  When you realize He is God and that you were made through Him (since all of what is seen was made through Him) then, you’ll realize, of course we need to do what He says.  He is God.

God is One:  Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the physical facsimile of God the Father, the representation of the Father’s being.  Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God the Father.  They are God.  Need to maybe think in terms of the spirit realm and higher dimensional beings.  So just as we are above and outside of a 2 dimensional object, although we can intersect with a 2D object, God is above us that way.

We used to live in God before we came here.  You and I may have played together before possibly.  You personally asked to come here probably telling Father that you would do a great job setting the world right and proclaiming His glory and how wonderful He is. Well, it’s time to live up to that.  It’s time to conquer and overcome and win the victory to return back home to the Father, proving to Him that you really and genuinely love Him and want to be around Him.  This is done through believing in Him and believing Him (doing what He says) and choosing Him over all of the other temptations and things of this world; choosing to love Him over things things and wanting to be close and loyal to Him.

For indeed the universe is going through a great cleansing due to the works of Lucifer/Satan.  So choose wisely.  There is a time limit and we are always one heart beat away from eternity.  So there is urgency, although that should not be the only reason why you choose Jesus, God today.  You choose God because you want to do so. You choose God because you want Him, like Him, love Him and want do get right with Him.

Then we confess Jesus as Lord which means we make Jesus our Lord our King and we turn our selves over to Him to direct our life even moment to moment.    So this is a great deal!  We get to get into Heaven for sure and we have God Almighty directing, coaching us along the way all the time for ultimate and total success now and in preparing for maximum eternal success!

Here are some verses

John 3:3

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

John 3:7

Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

1 Peter 1:23

Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

Here are more verses:

This one based on incorruptible (the new born again man)

Here are a list of verses based on the “new man” (new man also means new woman)

Look especially at the verses that say “new man” which is the new born again man

In regards to our shared “Catholic” experience:  God’s about to clean up the church, the Body of Christ and all of these Christian religions and denominations.   Catholic’s religious leaders are in trouble because they went the way of the Pharisee 1. Have taken the place of Jesus as Lord  2. Have pushed away Jesus, God personally.  The same 2 errors they did in the New Testament and old.    That’s been my experience with them having grown up Catholic, going to mass continually for the most part even through college, that drove me to seek God personally.   Even as kids me and my siblings knew that it was man made religion and it wasn’t real, as kids we were telling our parents!

Additionally what’s being exposed now is that the Catholic church has been doing many really, really bad things for a long time. But  you’ll likely find that in the news eventually.

What I’m showing you is the conclusion after I went on a many year search for God – finally I cried out to Him, God my Maker directly and He showed me how to become born again in Jesus through many mini miracles in a row.   So if you want the Real Deal; you want to get right with God and know it on your insides; you want to know that you’re going to Heaven and in the family of God – then become born again as instructed on this page.

So after you become born again you become the bride of Christ.  Yes.  Bride.  For a future marriage!  So get to know your future spouse!   The Lord is only lending us out to marry each other here for companionship and for the “holy seed” (children”.)

Here is a pretty good explanation on how to become born again.  Go through that and say the prayer at the end – totally mean it.  That’s how I became born again!  And wham! My life has been electric and an awesome journey with God every day!

See and do this one

Here is Kat Kerr:  if you have the excess dough I would get all her CD’s (I did unless she made some new ones I’m missing).    She has visited Heaven thousands of times – you know, like John did.  But a lot of people are doing that these days.  More and more will since we have entered the Kingdom Age mostly this past year.  Maybe you too will get to visit!  Gotta get born again first though!  Here is her other website.


Here is Katt’s Born Again CD as she explains what happens in the spirit realm, in Heaven 

Here are 135 videos of Kat Kerr on Youtube (go to the play list for Kat Kerr)

Oh also get on Sid Roth’s It’s supernatural:  You’ll learn a ton and be blown away by the very real miracles and Heaven visitations and high level teaching

Learn this stuff and then teach your parents! (go slowly on them:) Remember this is not about joining a religion. (so make sure not argue about religion since all institutionalized religion from the most part is from Babylon – made to push away God personally. I can explain that one more later) This is about getting engaged to Jesus, God the Son, Who made you with His own hands!  This is about an ULTIMATE and Exciting, totally fulfilling LOVE Relationship for now and eternity!  You bet this is exciting.  I need to share my testimony story some time – it was amazing.”

Salvation Prayer
Salvation Prayer

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