Heaven – If Elvis Michael Jackson Whitney Houston and Robin Williams Made it Into Heaven – You Can Too

Heaven – If Elvis Michael Jackson Whitney Houston and Robin Williams Made it Into Heaven – You Can Too


Look. First of all blessings and love to: Elvis, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams. They are confirmed in Heaven as you can see on the video below on one of the Heaven Visitation people who gets caught up to Heaven like John of the Bible and Paul and like many many many other people do these days. (Hey maybe you can ask God and He’ll let you come up and visit (before dying of course).

Those 4 celebrities put in a life of hard work and pursuit of their gifts. And they did great things and had great moments with their gifts. But as well publicized, they all struggled with various struggles, obvious sins and so on…  But they made it into Heaven!

Most people would expect all of these guys to be in Hell. And actually the Kingdom of Darkness has been making fake Heaven and Hell visitations to create confusion, disbelief along with all of their deadly mischief that tricks those who do not know the Bible well and who do not test the spirits as John in the Bible tells us how and Kat explains in the video.  And the Kingdom of Darkness tries to twist and leverage showing popular people that are “in Hell” but are not in Hell.  They also can make mock Heaven’s in the spirit realm.   So test the spirits and only go with those who confess that Jesus is God the Son who came in the flesh to die for the sins of the world.

Yes this spirit realm stuff is VERY real, more real than our 3d “Matrix” “arena” in which we are living.  After you are detached from this flesh body  your existence experience is only in the spirit realm.  There are 2 destinations because all of the universe is undergoing a great separation between good and evil:   the 2 destinations are:   1. to the home of evil, iniquity, sin and death: (Hell then the Lake of Fire)  2. Or to the home of goodness, life, creation, love, God, Heaven and beyond:  Heaven and the New Earth and New Heaven.  But your time of testing is now.  You can choose to be covered by Jesus, God the Son, Who came to die for your sins so you could be redeemed and covered by Him to be saved into goodness and holiness or stay the same and continue onto option 1.

Jesus is a Savior because we need to be saved.  Saved from what?  The cancerous infection of sin.  Sin is a being.  If you’ve let it in your life once (which all have sinned and come short of the glory of God an holiness), then sin owns you, you are infected.   If sin owns you then it comes to claim you when your flesh body expires.  So my advice is to you is:  Get SAVED!  Be one who made it into Heaven too!  Because Hell… that’s just not an option!!

“How do I do this?” you may ask?    Well you need to believe on Jesus with your whole heart, ask Him to save you, ask Him to redeem you, ask Him to be your Lord and instruct you what to do in your life to be eternally successful while developing a closer and closer relationship with Him, God in the process.

So you can say a salvation prayer below. Scan through it to know what’s in it.  They pray to God your Maker (not some god of a religion) but to God your Maker Who you KNOW is God from your sense of knowing (you knew Him personally before you came to Earth so you already know Him) – pray the prayer to God with all of your heart.  Believe as a verb with all of your heart.   If you need help then Ask God for Help!   He’ll help you.

As you invite Jesus into your life to be your Lord, your Teacher and your Savior understand that this is a big deal and all of Heaven including Elvis, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams will be watching this very moment with excitement and love, cheering you on!  They made it into Heaven so you can too!  So get excited!  Pray to God and get saved now!


Made it Into Heaven
Made it Into Heaven. Salvation prayer you can say.




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