Can One Lose Salvation Due to Secret Sin?

Can One Lose Their Salvation?

Constant Secret Sin and Loss of Salvation?

Conclusion:  There are a lot of opinions from men.  But there is One God and One Teacher.  This is about getting into God’s home, getting into His Kingdom.  So therefore if we want to join His Kingdom then we need to do what the King says about getting into His Kingdom.  And as Jesus says, only those who do the will of the Father will enter Heaven.  The will of the Father is to obey Jesus, as Lord!  And further more, this is about marrying God!  What’s a bride?  You want to look that up, but if you are engaged to someone you’ll want to be very pleasing, trusting and loving to your bride to be, especially since the official marriage has not happened yet.

  • Answer:  workout out your salvation in fear and trembling.
  • Answer:  Chop off your foot, hand or rip out your eyeball or… use that same ferocity to cut out your sin instead. YOU cut out your own sin. You just need to totally disbelieve in that sin.  Get rid of denominational doctrine and follow Jesus commands of the New Testament.  These doctrines are why you are trapped in sin.  They tell you that you aren’t supposed to do something due to their errant even devious concepts of “work salvation” which they twist denying the Lord that bought them.    YOU are responsible to stop sinning so man up, woman up and rip out that sin out of your life, crush it, chop it off and kill it.
  • Answer:  Let’s not mess with God and His Word.  We are commanded to be holy.  How do you do this?  Stop asking man and start asking your One and Only Teacher, Yeshua (Jesus), God the Son
  • Do understand that we’ve been living (2017 on back) in exceedingly sinful times and were not well prepared by most churches in the Word of God to be able to handle.  So must of use got our tails kicked spiritually falling into sin because we were not ready for such a dark, depressing reality on top of the numbers of attacks.
  • Faith is positive. Faith focuses on the positive end result. Faith focuses on the goodness of God. If we are focused on worry and loss of salvation then we will probably start creating problems all over the place since we are focusing on negative things and you tend to do what you focus upon right? So there’s something to think about. That said it’s a mess out there or it has been a mess out there with kingdom of darkness infiltration into the various denominations over the years or one can even argue over the centuries. It truly has been a spiritual war and unfortunately the consequences are very severe if you don’t overcome and win in this spiritual war against you.   The bottom line is:  forget about whatever other people say including preachers churches religions denominations philosophers people on YouTube,  bloggers:   read God’s word. Accept God’s word. And go to God personally and ask him your questions just make sure you listen. Everyone keeps going around God when God wants you to talk with him. This is about building a relationship even onto marriage. So why are we getting all these ” expert” opinions?  I’m not saying all advice is bad whatsoever but over the decades I’ve encountered mostly bad advice when it comes to things of God but I’ve encountered good advice from  the Bible,  talking to God  and a few profits particularly those who have been prolific Heaven visitors. 
  •  Faith –  have faith.  In regards to having faith in someone:  What does it mean to have faith in someone?  It means you expect the good for them and from them.  It means you expect and believe they can do good things.  It means that you believe that they will do good things.  It thinks positively of someone.
  •  Belief.  What does it mean to believe in someone?  When someone says they believe in you how does that make you feel?  It makes me feel empowered! It makes me feel like doing good things. It makes me feel like doing good things for that person.   So as a man if my woman Believes in me I want to be Superman for my woman.  But if my woman  distrusts me,  doesn’t believe in me,  tries to undercut me and put me down guess what?   I don’t feel like doing anything for her and my mind starts wandering…   Well hello bride of Christ! And in this relationship with God, with Jesus God the Son,  we are the woman,  the bride of Christ.   I think we’ve made it a little bit too complicated over the years. Let’s look at how we are and what we want and we’ll understand what God wants since we are made in His image and likeness,  at least on a person-to-person relationship way.   If we believe in Jesus personally,  if we think that he’s the best,  if we think he is Mr. Wonderful,  if we love Him with all our hearts,  all our mind,  all our soul and all our strength,  if we are totally in love with Him,  how do you think that will make Jesus feel?   Probably very excited and wanting to do wonderful things for you and wanting to be with you and wanting you to be around Him forever in Heaven then the New Earth and New Heaven!  

Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
So there you go! 
  •  Trust!   what is Trust? On a personal level when you trust someone you trust that they are going to not hurt you, that they are going to do what they say, that they’re going to do well, that they are going to do only good and so on.   In relationships though I would say when you trust someone you trust that they won’t hurt you the most. As soon as someone hurts your feelings or even your expectations as wild as they can get, then what happens? You feel hurt and then you close off at least a certain amount. You grow cold or just colder towards that person.   So with God trust goes two ways. We don’t think about how God feels or His feelings very often do we or do most people? Maybe you do and if not then now is time to start.  God is God but he’s also a Person Who has feelings and remember we are made in his likeness not only his image.

Another view

  • No more sacrifice for willful sin, as in no more animal sacrifice.
  • Says you will not lose your salvation but will lose your reward and (implied – feel like an eternal chump).
  • So obey.  Obey what?  Jesus commands of the New Testament which are any statement of direct or indirect command (ie implied for you to understand something)

Here is Charles with another view:

  • Says once born again you can’t be unborn.
  • But it will cost you dearly to live in unrepentant sin.
  • Their video was deleted off Youtube. Sorry.

Here is John Piper with another view.  Focuses on the positive.

Here’s a brutal one from Sid Roth.  Ivan says millions of born again Christians are in Hell  because they believed in once saved always saved but they didn’t learn how to repent:

So therefore with this message:  there is no once saved always saved.  You being born again only counts if you are saved after you die.  Big problem is these days, most Christians have no idea what the sins of the Bible are – see the massive list of 666 sins of the Bible to get rid of from believing in that they are good, ok to do or something you can get away with.  Also install Jesus Commands from the New Testament so you can obey Jesus as Lord:  See our side bar for those lists for free:


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