A Word on How to Get into Heaven

In Order To Get Into Heaven You’re Going To Have to Perform My Word, Feed My Sheep and Bear Fruit For The Kingdom.

“This is a mandate from the Kingdom of Heaven. We will not tolerate sin up here. It will be expunged forever from the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen
So in order to live up here you’re going to have to become born of God. You’re going to have to become born into the family of God.  Right now you are not from birth with the special exception for children under the age of innocence.
One sin keeps you out of that Kingdom of Heaven. You must have atonement for that one sin. Unfortunately many people have many many sins because they have not known My Word.
They have made up their own way.  Why don’t people just trust what I say?
When you understand the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Hell, the fruits of the Spirit versus the fruits of the flesh, you will start to get clarity on what we want in Heaven.
Yes there is a duality of things.  The good versus the bad.  How can you know what is good unless there is bad there. Otherwise everything else is just the same.
Satan started all this.  He was a sinner from the beginning.  I’ve come to redeem man. I’ve come to redeem man from what? From sin.  Man cannot handle sin.
You need to be born of God. You cannot get into Heaven on your own no matter how hard you try.
Do not listen to your religions simply listen to my Word. It’s all right there in the Bible, the New Testament. And the Old Testament testifies of Me in the New Testament if you read it carefully.
Believe my Word and live!  I require this of you.
This is why today you have the offer to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.  And in order to do so you’re going to have to know that I am God and trust Me.
You must believe in My Son Who has volunteered to offer Himself as a living sacrifice for the atonement of your sin so you can make it back back up here into Heaven.
From there I desire and require that you follow me.  See my Bible, read and know the New Testament.
If you follow Me and do what I say things will go exceedingly well for you. I AM God and I can provide anything at any time.  You will do exceedingly well if you follow My ways.
My ways are the ways of life.  All life comes from Me. I give life and I want to give it to you abundantly.
So receive my gift of eternal life. It is free. 
Receive my son Jesus.  Believe on Him with your whole heart, your whole mind and all your strength.
Believe that He died for your sins and rose from the grave back to Heaven.  Believe He is seated at my right hand.  
Believe and you will certainly achieve! I require belief.
This will cause you to become Born Again into my Kingdom which means that you will be born of God, born into the family of God.
You will be My son, My daughter.  
So go ahead now. Trust me. And receive my Son Who died for your sins. Amen”