Wow Listen to This Brother Tell You Straight About Getting into Heaven and Avoiding Hell

No fear.  Speaking the truth which is, are simply Bible verses.  Problem is these days is that people make up doctrines and then cut out Bible verses.  And when you cut out Bible verses Christianity “doesn’t work”.  When you do the commands of the New Testament which is any and every verse that is said in a command style or is said in an implied command style.   You start to do asking the Lord’s helping working with Him and you get better and better and Doing the Word!

“One of the Most Demonic Doctrines in the Church – And its Spreading Like Wildfire.”

How to Go to Heaven and Know if You Are Going There

How to Go to Heaven and Know if You Are Going There – by Pastor and Prophet Mike Thompson

Mike is a powerful figure in body of Christ.  He is a prophet, a warrior prophet that gets to work with Michael the Archangel frequently.  You can find out more of his Heavenly visions here on his Youtube Channel

So Mike has been to Heaven several times and has even talked directly with the Lord Jesus.  A lot of people are having 3rd Heaven visitations, Personal visits by Jesus Himself and visions.  And it’s good to hear from him what he knows about going to Heaven.

On that note, if you want to know how to go to Heaven and know you are going to go, simply and plainly do what the New Testament says.

First be open to understanding of what the Bible says because understanding is revealed by you spending time with God in His Word.  Make sure you read the Bible directly in what it says and do not filter the Bible from church doctrines (most church doctrines cut out large parts of the Bible in attempts to make the Bible easier).

Once you hear the Word of God, then ask for understanding.  Once you understand then do what the Word of God says.  For only those who do the will of the Father will get into Heaven and the will of the Father is the Word of God.  Hear what He says and do as He commands.

“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21

You can see a search for “will of the Father” and read many different versions of the Bible at  You can read the Hebrew and Greek to English Interlinear Bible at  and also look up the Strong’s definitions of each word.

Now listen to Mike:

How to Know for Sure You Are Not Going to Hell

How To know for sure you’re not going to HELL (Paul Washer)

Watch this shocking video for a big huge wake-up call. It’s better to get woken up now it had to have some Eternal problem.

Avoiding pain is a great motivator so take advantage of it.

A lot of people can mock about Hell  any hear a lot of that through the media, TV and movies. But little do people know is that Hell, Satan  once you to think that Hell  is a joke and no big deal or a fairy tale. Why is that? Because then therefore you won’t do anything about it.

You see, all you have to do is nothing and you’ll end up in Hell.  What’s nothing?

It’s not a paying attention to the New Testament What God Says to do which is to believe in Him and to believe Him,  therefore doing what He says.   He’s God Almighty,  we need to do what He says and that should make sense to most people.

The only other problem is a lot of us sometimes don’t know exactly what he said or we have blocked when he has said deep down or do to the are we picked up from this world we have confused ourselves on how to do what He says.

What does God say?  He says to obey God the Son, the physical manifestation of God the Father:  believe in Jesus and believe Jesus doing what He says which thereby makes Him your Lord.  If Jesus is your Lord then you are His and He will come for you after this life in the flesh.    Read the New Testament over and over many times, for the rest of your life in fact and do what it says.

Here is a link to the Bible, the New Testament, the Gospel of John (Many say it helps a lot of people starting with the Gospel of John.)

Satan and his workers know that all he needs to do is get you wrapped up in this life and super busy so you don’t think about what happens after this life and you don’t deal with it.   and then if you happen to deal with it initially he tries to do the same while tricking you into false beliefs and turning against God and into disobeying Jesus commands.

Since your salvation is based on who your lord is: if you obey the ways of sin then Satan is your lord and he gets to keep you in Hell with him.   If you obey Jesus then Jesus gets to keep  you in Heaven with Him.   That’s the deal. Which way will you choose?

Of course Satan/Lucifer has many other tricks including other religions,  the religion of science, and endless amounts of other statements and concepts that can  trick you into believing this or that thing which will end up putting you in the pit.

But the thing is fortunately we have a sense of knowing what is right.  It’s through our conscious minds and our heart that we can be tricked.    So instead of going with our conscious minds we can listen to our gut that knows what is right.   but make sure you’re not listening to your conscious mind or your heart in the process.  It can be tricky.

If we go by our “gut”, that sense of “knowing”  knows the difference between right and wrong vs. Our emotions and random cerebral thoughts then we should do well.  Because then we’ll know what’s from God and what’s not, what’s right and what’s not.

These days we see people being tripped up through  a combination of their conscious mind and their heart emotions into all sorts of error. Unfortunately it is error can have eternal consequences so understand that it is important that we  be very careful in this life.   But the good news is that after this is over and we passed the test which is obedient to God then we are set for trillions of years to come.

This is the period of the great cleanse out of all reality.  So pay attention and don’t be fooled.  Obey the New Testament.  but in order to obey the New Testament you’re going to have to read it over and over and over again.  And what you’ll find out by actually taking the action to read the New Testament is that the Bible IS the Word of God, it’s real, it’s really powerful and it’s living! Check out this video below

23 Minutes in Hell – Major Wakeup Call for Those Who Think They Are Ok

 23 Minutes in Hell – Major Wakeup Call for Those Who Think They Are Ok

There Goes the Doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved Future Sins Automatically Forgiven

There Goes the Doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved Future Sins Automatically Forgiven

“I Choose Life!”

“Sinning is ok.  Your future sins are forgiven. God loves you.  He loves you unconditionally…”  NOT!  “haha got you you fool!” will say the demon of your torment.

This fellow’s Hell testimony does coordinate with others.

“The wages of sin is death.  If don’t repent you’re going straight to hell.”  – God told this fellow.  Repenting = stop sinning, change your mind about it and change your mind to obey the Bible, the New Testament in particular.

Make things right with others.

Fellow says the the biggest end times trick doctrine which would coordinate into the great falling away is the “once saved always saved sinners prayer doctrine”.  He says you bear no fruit.  You won’t stop sinning (nor bother to find out what sins actually are).  There is no sinners prayer in the Bible.

This once saved always saved past present and future sins automatically forgiven doctrine also cut’s out 1/2 of the great commission.  They don’t even know what a command of Jesus is.  Almost none of it’s followers know what the word repentance even means.  They do not know the sins of the Bible i.e. one pastor mentioned something of the sorts that probably roughly 90 to 99% Christians in America knew what the word “fornication” actually meant, which means, if you don’t know the sin, you are likely to be ok with doing that sin.

So what do you do?

  • Repent which means change your mind from where ever it is to believe on Jesus
  • Believe on Jesus also means to believe Jesus and do what He says.
  • Learn what the sins of the Bible are and get rid of them out of your life.  One list has compiled 666 sins and it’s good to start there. The Holy Spirit, if you are born again, will bring to mind any other sin that needs to be removed from your life.  Ask Jesus for help to reveal and expose everything that needs to be repented out of you and the Holy Spirit can reveal it all to you. Just be open to whatever comes to mind from the Lord or whatever He tells you as you hear His voice.
  • Get or make your own list of commands of the New Testament which are the commands of Jesus, which are any verse said in a command or implied command style.  Start doing them and start getting better and better at them.  Ask Jesus your One and Only Teacher for help.

Most of us need a complete doctrine clean out.  Get rid of whatever any church has told you.  Now with a blank mind and a blank heart’s mind:  read the Bible and do what it says.  Bad doctrine will blind you and get you to gloss over, ignore convicting, eternally (and usually hard) verses.   If you don’t know what a term is exactly like “fornication” or “judging” look it up in a dictionary and use a site like > Interlinear to find the Greek or Hebrew and get the corresponding Strong’s number per each word so you can find out exactly what that word means.

If you’re in America – you’ve had decades of demonic brain washing through society telling you this or that sin was good or ok to do, or even that you ‘needed it’.  Throw away all what society has told you. Stop watching TV since most all programming is designed to brain wash you to the dark side.  Uninstall all programming from the world.  Get that list of 666 sins and uninstall those from your mind and heart’s mind by a. knowing what that sin actually is then b. admitting, acknowledging that sin is wrong.

You hear a lot about “relationship” from “Christian” churches these days.  Well what most tell you is a made made, manufactured concept of a relationship with God that goes against the Bible.  Jesus says the relationship comes first by obeying His commands.  Then from there you can have the abiding of the love of the Father and the Son.  When God abides in you you can bear fruit.

  • You must stop sinning.  This means you must know what the sins of the Bible are and you must stop them all
  • You must listen to the voice of the Lord.  The Lord must direct your life through the Holy Spirit inside after you have become born again and baptized after first believing.   This is dying to self daily, taking up your cross and following Jesus.  Following Jesus is doing what Jesus says.
  • Once you obey Jesus many commands which are all verses that are stated in a command style of implied command style in the New Testament you will bear fruit for the Kingdom and put God’s righteousness first. You can become the 4th seed by hearing (accepting), understanding (asking your One and Only Teacher who is Jesus) and then doing what Jesus says to bear 30, 60, 100 fold for the Kingdom.  And you must bear fruit or you become that dried up branch that gets thrown into the fire.

The Meaning of Life and Secret to the Afterlife Explained Directly by God Personally to This Man

The Meaning of Life and Secret to the Afterlife Explained Directly by God Personally to This Man

This fellow died.  God met Him. Find out if this was actually God.  Find out what God said:

There are many many testimonies these days of people having after death experiences with God and return back to Earth with a special message for us all.